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Review, Young Adult / November 22, 2011
Nightshade by Andrea CremerNightshade
Author: Andrea Cremer
Series: Nightshade #1
Publisher: Atom
Date: July 2011
480 pages
Source: Purchased
Genres: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
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Calla Tor has always known her destiny: After graduating from the Mountain School, she'll be the mate of sexy alpha wolf Ren Laroche and fight with him, side by side, ruling their pack and guarding sacred sites for the Keepers. But when she violates her masters' laws by saving a beautiful human boy out for a hike, Calla begins to question her fate, her existence, and the very essence of the world she has known. By following her heart, she might lose everything—including her own life. Is forbidden love worth the ultimate sacrifice?

Ok. So this is certainly one of the better werewolf books I’ve read. It had a few faults and I didn’t like the ending but overall a well written story.

Calla is an alpha. She has been matched up with Ren, an alpha from another pack. They are supposed to join together their two packs at the upcoming Union. Calla has known this for years and thinks she’s ready for it. That is until she saves a human hiker from being mauled by a bear. That hiker is Shay. The new guy at school. Ordered by the keepers to spend time with Shay, Calla begins to realise that her whole existence is a joke. The way that her and her pack are ruled by the Keepers. The Keepers may provide for the pack but they ultimately take away their freedom too. And use them for their own battles against the Searchers. Together with Shay, Calla discovers that everything they have been told by the Keepers is not exactly true – far from it. And ultimately Shay’s uncle’s sudden desire to move him and Shay (bringing him into the world of the Keepers and the Guardians) is no coincidence!

What I really liked about this book was reading about the pack dynamic. You don’t get much of that in other books and I found it really interesting. I kinda liked the love triangle. It was again certainly different to other love triangles. Mainly because I actually sympathised with both guys. And I couldn’t really choose who I liked best for most of the book. Calla spends a lot of the story torn between Shay and Ren. However, I did feel that she led them both on a bit too much. And I kind of just wanted her to be a bit more decisive. And to just choose one.

There are a lot of great side characters in this story. The pack members were great. I loved the scenes where all the pack members were together because their interactions were funny and really easy to read.

I have to admit. I guessed the ending quite early on. I don’t know whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing. But it does mean that I wasn’t shocked when it actually happened. But I still enjoyed reading it.

I wasn’t however happy with Calla’s ultimate choice of ‘guy’ at the end. I don’t want to spoil it so I wont say what team I‘m on but I really wouldn’t have chosen him. Just my opinion but there you go. I’m hoping that she comes to her senses in the next one!

4 Stars

12 Responses to Nightshade by Andrea Cremer

  1. Martina Bookaholic says:

    Ah Nightshade – I loved this book. I only read it because of the great cover (the german one ist different) and I was totally surprised that I liked the book and the characters in it soo much, because usually I'm not a fan of werwolves or love triangles. But I had the same feeling like you with the boys and I still can't decide which one I like more – Ren or Shay?! And I also liked the pack but the most Ansel – he's so sweet and funny *great little brother*
    At the moment I'm waiting for the second book *woho*

    • Alison1805 says:

      Completely agree with you Martina. Ansel was so sweet. And such a happy character, he added a great lightness to balance out the seriousness and romance within this story story.
      Look out for Wolfsbane review coming soon – although I did not like it half as much as Nightshade I'm afraid to say. I'm crossing my fingers that the final one will be better though 🙂

      • Martina Bookaholic says:

        Oh I know what you mean – I got the mail in today and I started reading right away with wolfsbane, but I was disappointed from the beginning. I can't say why exactly but Calla starts to annoy me and I more and more prefer Ren, though he wasn't in the book so far and I've already read 1/3 of the book. Hope he'll be in there soon and I really would like that Calla end up with him. Whom do you prefer??

  2. Alison1805 says:

    Ooh let me know what you think of Wolfsbane when you finish!

    I really wanted her to chose Ren in Nightshade. But then in Wolfsbane I changed my mind to Shay by the end lol. I was annoyed that she kept leading them both on cos they were both really nice in their own different ways.

    My main problem with Wolfsbane was that it was too slow and not a lot seemed to really happen until right near the end. And I couldn't see why there needed to be so many chapters full of 'talking' – (if your reading it, you'll see what I mean!). But I'm still hoping the final book will be good so that it finishes on a high!

  3. Martina Bookaholic says:

    aah, now I'm even more excited and curious about the book. But yesterday I've read till the middle of the book and Shay and Calla really started to annoy me both. Because Calla is free now and could be together with Shay-> that's what she always wanted and risked everything for and now she is always thinking about Ren. And Shay is flirting with anohter girl (Adne) and then on the other side he gets jealouse all the time and starts acting weird… to bossy like, not so easy-going and charming and funny like in the first book – and I miss that. And by the way I also miss REN, Ansel, Mason or Bryn… when do they show up again? *sigh*
    Hope the book gets better with the characters, because the plot and the story is told great and thrilling. So I would be sad to give only 3 points to the book… hope I can give 4 or 5 in the end, because I really like Cremer's writing style. One question: Is Monroe the father of Ren? I have a feeling but I'm not sure yet… Am I right or totally confussed?? 😀

    • Alison1805 says:

      I understand your feelings about missing people in the second book. That's what I kept thinking too. And I agree about Shay and Calla acting stragely toward each other. You're right, all she wanted in the first book was to be free to decide who she wanted to be with and now that she is free, all she does is go back and forth lol

      Ah now I'm not going to answer your questions about whether the others show up again or your question about Monroe becuase they would be major spoilers and I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't read it but I'll just say that you will find out the answers to those soon enough in Wolfsbane. Let me know what you think! 🙂

  4. Martina Bookaholic says:

    aaaaah, I just finished the book and I don't know what to think. the book ends with a total cliffhanger and I hate that. Just one more chapter to see what happens in there, … but no! Now i've to wait till next year to see how everything turns out. I love the book, can't describe why, the writing style, the plot or the characters, but parts of it make me angry and dissapointet :/
    The thing with Calla and Shay, Ansel, Ren or Monroe… I hope the last book in the series is better again and give me my happy ending. And one question: With whom do you want Calla to end up – Ren or Shay? 🙂

    • Alison1805 says:

      Martina I'm very sorry for some reason I didn't get a notification to say that you had replied to this post.

      So I guess we were both slightly disappointed with Wolfsbane. But I'm hopeful that the last book is going to be good. If the last chapter of Wolfsbane is anything to go by, then it looks promising doens't it.

      I actually changed sides whist reading Wolfsbane. In Nightshade I wanted Ren and in Nightshade I slowly changed my mind to Shay lol…

      • Martina Bookaholic says:

        hy Alison,
        no problem. I also don't get a notification always when someone writes me. Thats annoying but what should we do?! 🙁

        yeah, me too. I think we'll be satisfied with the third book – or I hope so, otherwise I would be really upset! 🙂
        And I still hope that Calla would end up with Ren and Shay should end up with Adne, than everyone would be happy, especially me. 😀

        He, I also wanted to ask you if you want to exchange blog adresses to put them on the blogroll??
        My blog adress would be:
        Tell me if you are interested in. thanks

  5. Alison1805 says:

    Oops I realised my comment didn't make sense! Duh! What I MEANT to say was that in Nightshade I liked Ren and in Wolfsbane i liked Shay lol (mainly becuase of how Ren acted at the end of Wolfsbane!)

    We'll see if it changes again in the last book!

    Yes I will ask Daphne to add you to our blogroll. (I don't know how to do it myself). Our address I presume would just be


    Ali 🙂

    • Martina Bookaholic says:

      haha, yes I got it also in your other comment, that you've switched from Ren to shay and for me its totally different. At first I was for shay, than at the end of the first book I slowly went to Ren, because there we got to know that Ren really loves Calla and was just insecure and that was the reason why he behaved like he did. Mh, a little confussing – I know but I can't complain it properly. 🙂

      that would be great! Thanks 🙂
      Tell me when you've put me in your blogroll, then I'll add you as well, thanks :)))

  6. Sonnie says:

    Ali, I've passed on the Liebsters Blog Award to you and your partner Daphne! You can find it here: http://litgirlconfessionsofafuturelibrarian.blogs

    My apologizes if this is an award free zone!

    p.s. I'm really looking forward to reading the last book in this series with you!

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