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Review, Young Adult / January 14, 2012
Betrayals by Lili St CrowBetrayals
Author: Lili St. Crow
Series: Strange Angels #2
Publisher: Razorbill
Date: November 2009
296 pages
Source: Purchased
Genres: Urban Fantasy
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She's no angel . . .

Poor Dru Anderson. Her parents are long gone, her best friend is a werewolf, and she's just learned that the blood flowing through her veins isn't entirely human. (So what else is new?)

Now Dru is stuck at a secret New England Schola for other teens like her, and there's a big problem - she's the only girl in the place. A school full of cute boys wouldn't be so bad, but Dru's killer instinct says that one of them wants her dead. And with all eyes on her, discovering a traitor within the Order could mean a lot more than social suicide. . .

Can Dru survive long enough to find out who has betrayed her trust - and maybe even her heart?

Betrayals is the second book in the Strange Angels series and picks the story up about a week after Strange Angels left off. Dru and Graves have arrived at the Schola that Christophe sent them to but Dru is not happy. She is not being trained to use her powers as a Svetocha, she is not being given the information she wants and needs and Christoph has dumped her there and done a disappearing act himself. And it doesn’t help that Graves is making lots of new friends and learning how to use his loup garou powers to his advantage, leaving Dru feeling even more lost, alone, and also just a little bit jealous.

So I think its safe to say that Dru isn’t really having a great time of it in this installment. Aside from not really knowing why she has been sent to this particular Schola (and a reformed Schola at that!) she also doesn’t know where Christoph is or how she is going to find out who the traitor is!

If you have already read Strange Angels then you should probably know that this has a lot of action in it. Not quite as much as Strange Angels, which disappointed me slightly as I rather thought it felt a bit like a ‘filling in’ book but having said that, there are important plot points that are played out and a great many new characters introduced. And the introduction of the these new characters was actually one of the great things about this book as most of Strange Angels was just about Dru and Graves.

Overall a good and very strong second book and really exciting ending leading us nicely up to the third book, Jealousy.

4 Stars

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