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Review, Young Adult / January 22, 2012
Jealousy by Lili St CrowJealousy
Author: Lili St. Crow
Series: Strange Angels #3
Publisher: Razorbill
Date: July 2010
316 pages
Source: Purchased
Genres: Urban Fantasy
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Dru Anderson might finally be safe. She’s at the largest Schola on the continent, and beginning to learn what it means to be svetocha—half vampire, half human, and all deadly. If she survives her training, she will be able to take her place in the Order, holding back the vampires and protecting the oblivious normal people.

But a web of lies and betrayals is still closing around her, just when she thinks she can relax a little. Her mentor Christophe is missing, her almost-boyfriend is acting weird, and the bodyguards she’s been assigned seem to know much more than they should. And then there’s the vampire attacks, the strange nightly visits, and the looks everyone keeps giving her. As if she should know something.

Or as if she’s in danger.

Someone high up in the Order is a traitor. They want Dru dead—but first, they want to know what she remembers of the night her mother died. Dru doesn’t want to remember, but it looks like she might have to—especially since once Christophe returns, he’ll be on trial for his life, and the only person who can save him is Dru.

The problem is, once she remembers everything, she may not want to...

Jealousy is the third book in the Strange Angels series. And I just loved it! It has all the amazing action of the first book, a lot of questions are answered (thank goodness – I hate it when I don’t know what’s going on!) and there is finally some romance – but I shall not spoil as to whom the romance is with!

This book starts off about 3 days after the end of Betrayals. Dru, Graves and their friends have finally made it to the correct Schola – the one they were supposed to go to in the first place. And as usual, Christophe has done a disappearing act again. There is still the ongoing issue of finding the traitor – who could be anybody, but Dru is still no closer to finding out who it is than she ever has been. And she still has the small matter of the vampire, Sergej, trying to find and kill her before she blooms hanging over her head. So Dru still can’t completely relax. But at least she is being kept busy by learning how to use her powers in this Schola. And becoming even more kick ass than she already was!

She also has the ‘Red Queen’ to contend with (Anna – the other Svetocha and head of the order). It is quite clear that Anna does not like Dru and Dru doesn’t know why. However as she begins to piece together the pieces of her and her mother’s past she unravels a truth that will blow the whole order apart.

I loved the character development and relationship development that happens in this book. We finally get to know Dru and Graves better now that they can relax a little more and I enjoyed this. It made me feel more connected to them and therefore more worried for them when things started to go downhill.

Jealousy has that great ‘Strange Angels’ feel to it of the first book. The second book was good but I thought it was lacking something but I’m happy to say this was not the case with Jealousy, and I just loved every minute of it. The ending. Oh my god the ending. One of the most evil cliffhangers ever. I just couldn’t believe what happened… and then it ended there! Well played St Crow. There is no way in hell anyone could possibly read this book and not need the next one IMMEDIATELY.

If you enjoyed Strange Angels but thought Betrayals dropped off a bit, do not hesitate to pick this one up! I promise you won’t be disappointed!

4.5 Stars

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