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Review, Young Adult / September 6, 2012
Afterlife By Eric Kent EdstromAfterlife
Author: Eric Kent Edstrom
Series: The Undermountain Saga #2
Publisher: Self-published
Date: July 2012
272 pages
Source: Review copy from author
Genres: Science Fiction
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They think their adventures are behind them . . .
The six teens who were rescued from a mountainside in the Canadian Rockies are now famous. But only they know the true story-of what they discovered, what they survived-of Undermountain. Those secrets bind them together and pull them toward an ill-fated reunion.

. . . the war between tangoga and bigfeet still rages . . .
The tangoga boss GorVit searches for a lost technology, the terrible weapon of a vanished race. And he'll happily use Breyona as leverage to get Danny's help.

. . . the power of ultimate destruction hangs in the balance . . .
Thrust into the midst of war, and into the arms of a beautiful queen, Danny races on a collision course with destiny. And Breyona, still testing the limits of her amazing powers, must choose between what she desires and what is right.

. . . friendship, loyalty, and temptation . . .
One will give in. One will give up. One will give all.

So, back in February I read a rather unique bigfoot sci-fi novel that I thought was really great. That novel was Undermountain. And now… there’s a sequel, Afterlife *happy dance*…And after having now read Afterlife I can say with certainty that this SERIES is fantastic!!

I’ve got to be honest, when I heard there was a sequel, I did wonder what could possibly happen now to these kids that had discovered the existence of bigfoot, and escaped to tell the tale. I was a little worried. Turns out, there was NOTHING to worry about. Afterlife is just as great as Undermountain and just as unique.

The story is once again told from the POV of our two protagonists, Danny and Breyona as they both embark upon their own adventures. Danny and Wa are kidnapped by Gor-Vit, the rogue Tangoga boss and end up on a planet of bigfeet who’s existence was previously unknown and have many adventures there. One of my favourites being a rather exciting sequence with giant beetles pulling the boys on chariots whilst they are chased and hunted by monstrous super sized bigfeet! < That's a sentence I'll probably never write again!... Whilst Breyona and Em end up back in Undermountain to try and get help in rescuing Danny but run into their own problems there by way of 'Shaggy' the bigfoot who wants to conquer the world and brainwash the entire human race. The action in this book is non stop. I loved it. I never felt bored. Even at the beginning, I had hardly caught my breath before the action jumped straight in at the deep end. I was really happy that we got to revisit all the old favourites from book one, especially Wa who was my favourite character (in both books) and who provides some great comedic moments. And I was very impressed with the storyline and expansion of the world building that takes place in this instalment. A lot of care and attention to detail has gone into creating the creatures and planets in these books. Lastly, I can't write this review without making mention of the ending. Oh. My. God!!! That's all I can say. It was epic, action packed, drama filled and also rather emotional. You'll get no spoilers from me but lets just say I almost dropped my kindle in shock at one point and let out a strangled 'NOOOOOO' after reading the final sentence of the book. Mr. Edstrom better get writing book 3 pretty sharpish because I'm REALLY going to want to read that! If you haven't started this series yet, I really really recommend that you do. There is something in it for everyone and if I was to compare it to any other YA books out there at the moment I would say fans of Michael Grant's Gone series would definitely eat this one up!

4 Stars

4 Responses to Afterlife By Eric Kent Edstrom

  1. Eric says:

    Thanks so much for this brilliant review of my book! And for the tip about Michael Grant's Gone series. I just finished the first book. Loved it.
    My recent post Book Review: Gone by Michael Grant

    • Alison1805 says:

      You're welcome Eric! And I'm glad you enjoyed Gone.. that series is really good too. I'm currently reading the forth book Plague 🙂

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  3. Emma says:

    Oehh you're making me excited about this one 😀

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