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Blog Tour, Guest Post / July 12, 2013

Welcome to the blog tour for Rebellion, the second book in the Blood and Feathers series by Lou Morgan! This series is a gritty take on the angel mythology, and Lou’s gust post below explores a little more about why angels and how she’s gone beyond the archetypical ‘winged good guy’ (here at the blog, we love all things with wings)!

Guest Post from Lou Morgan

Wings on a Leash

Every now and again, I get asked “Why angels?” Good question. Good question. And, having written two books about them, one you think I’d know the answer to by now.

Yeah. About that…

I knew Blood and Feathers would be a book about angels – not just featuring characters who happened to have wings, but ones who had to carry the full weight of their angelic responsibilities. How they reacted to them, coped with them, would come to define who they were.

The problem was… that meant I had to figure out just what those responsibilities were – and that problem was compounded by Rebellion, the second book.

Take Mallory, for instance. The first time we meet him, he’s an Earthbound angel: his wings have been clipped, he’s been exiled and is essentially on parole and hoping to earn his way back into the Archangels’ graces. If he does that, maybe he’ll be allowed to go back to the home he misses so deeply. What he did to get himself into so much trouble isn’t exactly clear – but if he carried on the way he does while he’s Earthbound (drinking, getting into fights and generally behaving in a thoroughly disreputable manner) it’s not surprising the Archangels decided to sit him on the naughty step for a while.

Spend a little time with him, however, and you’ll realise that he has a good heart and a kind soul – and is determined to do the right thing, whatever the personal cost. And because he’s so absolutely set on doing what needs to be done, he doesn’t play by the rules and he doesn’t pay any attention to politics. Maybe that has something to do with how the Archangels feel about him…

Vhnori, on the other hand (more commonly known as Vin), doesn’t appear to take anything seriously. Not even slightly. He bickers with everyone and always has a smart answer – but don’t let him fool you. Deep down, he’s still an angel, and deep down he takes his job very seriously indeed – and when backed into a corner, he’s as tough as any of them. He understands the need for the angels, and he understands what that means for him… and he’s always prepared to step up when it’s his turn.

Then there’s Castor. Castor doesn’t come along until Rebellion – and when we meet him for the first time, it’s in the middle of an almighty great punch-up between a few Earthbound angels and some of the Fallen. The next time we see him, he’s in full riot gear, trying to control a running battle which has broken out in the street and threatens to consume everyone and everything in its path. As he points out, he’s a police officer… because what else is he going to do with himself?

This is what the angels do. In all their individual ways, they accept both the things they must do, and the responsibility for the things they’ve done. If they’re a force for good, it’s because they don’t run from either of those. The Fallen do that: they dodge, they hide, they blame someone else. They aim to tear down and destroy. It’s why the two sides will always be at odds.

There are many shades of grey in both Blood and Feathers and Rebellion. “Good” isn’t always as straightforward as it appears to be – and it isn’t always an easy choice. But the end result is always the same: we can stand, like the angels… or we can fall.

Which would you choose?

About Rebellion

Rebellion by Lou Morgan
Release: 2 July 2013
Series: Blood and Feathers #2
Publisher: Solaris

“This is a war. THE war. There is no stopping; no getting out. You’re in this – just like the rest of us – to the end.”

Driven out of hell and with nothing to lose, the Fallen wage open warfare against the angels on the streets. And they’re winning.

As the balance tips towards the darkness, Alice – barely recovered from her own ordeal in hell and struggling to start over – once again finds herself in the eye of the storm. But with the chaos spreading and the Archangel Michael determined to destroy Lucifer whatever the cost, is the price simply too high? And what sacrifices will Alice and the angels have to make in order to pay it?

The Fallen will rise. Trust will be betrayed. And all hell breaks loose…

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About Lou Morgan:

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Lou Morgan lives in the south west of England with her family. She studied medieval literature at university and loves cathedrals and pizza (but probably not together). Her short stories have appeared in anthologies from Solaris Books, PS Publishing and Jurassic. Her first novel, Blood and Feathers has been shortlisted for the 2013 British Fantasy Awards in both the best newcomer and best fantasy novel categories. She spends far too much time on Twitter, where you will find her as @LouMorgan.

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