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Events / March 11, 2015

Event Report

What a night on Saturday! It was the first inaugural UKYA Blogger Awards, organised by author Andy Robb and with the support of the wonderful publishing community to recognise bloggers. Us! It’s so exciting and such a great honour!

The event was held at the lovely Waterstones on High Street Kensington. We all gathered together in the basement and after a few drinks and a lot of lovely hellos and hugs from authors, publishers and other bloggers, the excitement started.

Andy said a few words and began by reading each of the nominees out and asking a representative from the sponsoring publisher. The representative then opened up a sealed envelope (totally like the Oscars) and read out the winners!

And here are all the winners who were there on the night (thanks to Luna for the photo)!


The winners in each category are in bold below:

Champion Vlogger (sponsored by Mira Ink) – Queen of Contemporary / Bookish Brits / Benjamin of Tomes / Dark Readers

Champion of Social Media (sponsored by Bloomsbury) YA Yeah Yeah / Bookclub Forum / Winged Reviews – THIS IS ME! / Pewter Wolf

Champion Teen Blogger (sponsored by Egmont) – Queen of Contemporary / Mile Long Bookshelf / Thirst for Fiction / Cheezy Feet Books / Cic Loves Books

Champion Adult Blogger (sponsored by Penguin Random House) – Fluttering Butterflies / Writing from the Tub / Sister Spooky / Wondrous Reads / An Awful Lot of Reading / Book Angel Booktopia / Narratively Speaking / Readaraptor / Serendipity Reviews / Overflowing Library

Champion of Diversity in YA (sponsored by Hot Key) – YA Yeah Yeah / Queer YA / Pewter Wolf / Luna’s Little Library

Champion of YA (sponsored by Hachette) – Queen of Contemporary / Sister Spooky / Snuggling on the Sofa / Readaraptor / Serendipity Reviews / Once Upon a Bookcase / Overflowing Library

Champion of Content (sponsored by Faber and Faber) – Luna’s Little Library / Readaraptor / Serendipity Reviews / Mountains of Instead / Book Passion for Life

Blogger’s Blogger (sponsored by Catnip) – Mile Long Bookshelf / Writing from the Tub / Books4Teens / Sister Spooky / Book Angel Booktopia / Readaraptor / Serendipity Reviews / Overflowing Library / Winged Reviews / Pewter Wolf

Blogger of the Year (sponsored by Walker) – Books4Teens / Wondrous Reads / Serendipity Reviews / Overflowing Library / YA Yeah Yeah

Champion Newcomer (sponsored by Little Tiger Press) – Tales of Yesterday / Chrissi Reads / Perks of Being a Book Girl / Always that Book Addict

So guys, my Twitter and Instagram addiction is official!


Honestly, when they announced my name I couldn’t have been more surprised (in fact, I was fairly sure Jim would win and I mentioned this in my speech)! It was really a huge honour and I’m so thrilled to win. I just about mumbled out something during my speech (*epicfail*) but now that I have a bit more time, I want to say a few proper thank yous.

I wanted to start off by thanking the book blogger community. Everyone in it is so lovely and welcoming and I wouldn’t be doing this three years down the road without you guys. It’s been such a great honour to be part of a fantastic group of people and I’ve met some really amazing friends along the way.

I also wanted to thank all the publishers for taking a chance on us bloggers. Honestly, it’s such a leap of faith to send us books, but you do and we love you so much for it. It’s so exciting to even get a glimpse of the inner workings of the book community, and you do so much more by putting me right in the thick of it. From ARCs, to blogger days, launch parties, events, to letting us interview authors or reveal covers. All of it is incredibly exciting for a book fan like me and I’ll forever be grateful.

Best of all, you connect us to the authors. The incredible authors out there whose work I love and enjoy. Whose work I get incredibly excited about. Whose imagination and writing fills the better part of my days. It’s such an honour to get to meet you, to interact with you and to even be friends. I will always be in my heart of hearts, a fangirl, and bringing us fans closer to you authors is why I love social media so much. I want to say a huge thank you to the authors, for appreciating us as much as we appreciate you.

Last but not least, a huge thank you to my readers and followers on social media. Thanks for always supporting Winged Reviews and for liking what I do! Every pageview, comment, retweet, favourite, like, it all means a great deal to me and keeps me going.

And to cap off the incredible evening, here I am with Jonathan Stroud and my trophy! What an incredible night! Thanks to all who made the UK Blogger Awards possible and here’s hoping it’s an annual event.


I also couldn’t help taking some (somewhat indulgent) photos of the gorgeous trophy. As Bloomsbury sponsored my award, it only seemed fitting that the Harry Potter books were the background.



Thanks again everyone!

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  1. wow what a thrill that must have been! The trophy is epic. I am new to your blog but im enjoying it a lot.
    My recent post How I Lost You by Jenny Blackhurst

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