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Blog Tour, Guest Post / June 23, 2016

I’m very excited to introduce you all to one of the Storm Sisters from Mintie Das’ new ebook series. The first, The Sinking World will be publishing next week!

Storm Sisters Profile

Meet Liu


Age: 15

Roots: Chinese

Expertise: Inventions

Personality Traits: Cool headed—stays the calmest out of anyone, keeps her anger down below but when she’s ready to fight—watch out, unique bond with animals

Distinctive Physical Traits: Molasses colored hair, wears a long, navy coat like Corto Maltese, skinny but strong legs that make her the strongest swimmer out of all the girls.

Detailed Description

Like her mother, Mai, who blazed her own path as a cartographer and a pirate, Liu challenges convention with everything she does. From an early age, Liu became fascinated with her mother’s nautical equipment and reading charts. With a natural inclination to take things apart to see how they work and then put them back together again, she’s the ship’s engineer, maintaining and fixing it as needed.

Tall and lanky, she makes up for her slight frame as a strong swimmer able to go for long distances in the roughest waters. Her love for animals means that she simply can’t digest the idea of eating any of her friends and therefore is strictly vegetarian To supplement her diet, Liu tries to grow an herb and vegetable garden on board but despite her detailed graphs on air and water conditions, her plants usually end up dying. She’s also guilty of stealing a few carrots or apples when she finds them.

Liu is opinionated and doesn’t hold back from expressing her views. Initially cautious with strangers, once she is comfortable with someone, she gives her whole heart and soul to them. Her love and devotion for the girls is unwavering.

Liu has her own definitive style. Usually wearing her molasses colored hair in a long braid, she prefers highly tailored long navy waistcoats (a la Corto Maltese).

Realizing the value of her father’s money and his extensive network, Liu needs to reconcile with Zhang Tao if she wants his help in finding out what happened to her mother. But as she soon discovers, everything with dear old Dad comes with a high price.

About Storm Sisters: The Sinking World

Storm Sisters by Mintie Das

Five girls. One hell of an adventure

The Sinking World is the first in the Storm Sisters series, an empowering and exciting adventure about five brave and unique female pirates, all named after real female pirates from history.

On the Day of Destruction, Charlie, Sadie, Raquel, Liu and Ingela lost everything they knew, including their families. Ever since they have been sailing the Seven Seas as sisters, searching desperately for the truth. But when they steal a ship from Liu’s surviving and vengeful father, they’re soon sailing for their lives.

The girls call themselves the Pirettes to hide their true identity. They are members of a secret organization, the Storm, ancient guardians of the sea charged with protecting those in need and destroying their enemies. But how long will their disguise keep them safe? And is it such a good idea to join forces with a group of rebellious boys from their past?

About Mintie Das

Mintie Das was born in India, raised in America and now lives in Finland. Her heart is Indian, her spirit is American and her soul is Finnish. She studied a combination of sociology, political science and women’s studies at the University of Minnesota before going into PR. For the past ten years, she has worked for a UN consulting agency, organizing VIP symposiums for Ministries of Interior/Justice in Bulgaria, Dubai, Hungary, India, Malta, Macedonia, Sweden, and US.

Her father’s job as a Human Rights expert for the United Nations gave Mintie the opportunity to see and experience the far corners of the world. Her childhood was an invaluable gift that has served Mintie her entire life and inspired her love of adventure, exploration and travel; a love which is at the centre of her writing.

For as long as she can remember, Mintie wanted to be a writer but she only found the confidence to start writing twelve years ago. Then in 2010, Mintie moved back to her ‘soul city’ Helsinki, having lived there for a year when she was thirteen. It was there in her tiny flat that overlooks the Baltic Sea that Charlie, Sadie, Raquel, Liu and Ingela were born and Storm Sisters was brought to life.


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