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Events / August 14, 2016

Event Report

I met V. E. Schwab on Thursday 4th of August at Waterstones Birmingham and it was fabulous. This was my first author event and signing in 3 years so let’s just say going to author events is pretty new to me. I was so nervous before going, however my friend Christine had met her the day before and told me how lovely she was, so that helped a bit, but also made me more nervous because what do you even say when you meet an author? Well, I was about to find out what exactly would come out of my mouth when I actually was stood in front of her!

The event started at 6:30pm, and started off with a moderator asking her different questions about the book This Savage Song (which I’m 100 pages through and it’s pretty good so far!) as well as her other publications. It was really insightful as Victoria spoke about her characters and how she doesn’t think of them as characters, but as actual people. She also talked about how she always knows how a story is going to end, so she almost works back from that – like looking at who they are now (end of the book) and who they were before (start of book). In the Q&A, she talked about her new book which sounds so interesting and unlike anything I’ve ever heard of before, as well as talking about how if a new idea springs to mind, she lets it sit on the back burner as she only works on one project at a time. When she is finished and ready, she then goes back to the idea and by that time she’s let it simmer and become a fuller story.

We also did a quiz which tbh, I was so worried it was going to be spoilery as I have only read A Darker Shade of Magic so far out of her books, so I really didn’t want to have any of the other books spoiled! After that, we had the signing! I met two lovely people at the event so I waited in line with them however because of my train I had to be pushed to the front of the line which I felt so rude doing! I got all of my books signed, including Vicious which I bought there, and I got TSS personalised as I bought a signed copy of it when I was in New York at the beginning of July. Victoria was really lovely, I mentioned that I missed her by a day in NY, and that we both have the exact same first and middle name which is pretty cool! I then asked how to get the creative juices flowing and where she plots/writes. She said about how she keeps on at a project, even if a shiny new idea pops up. She also said she plots on paper but drafts on computer, which I really think I might do more of. I’ve started plotting and wrote my first chapter of a book, and I did find the first bit of plotting to be so much easier on paper!

After my quick chat, I grabbed a picture before she told me ‘go go, don’t miss your train!’ so with that, I power walked all the way to the train station and hoped on my train with 10 minutes to spare! I wish I could have asked about her calendar system in more detail, but perhaps next time!

Have you ever been to an author event, or met Victoria Schwab? I’m already looking forward to my next one!

2 Responses to Event Report: V.E. Schwab in Waterstones Birmingham

  1. That’s so cool! I’m so jealous! The last time I was at an author event was also probably around 3 years ago and I got to see Louise Erdrich at a local college presentation.

    • Vicky says:

      Ooh that sounds good! I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect but I’m so glad I went as I had such a great time! 🙂

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