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I’m Daphne, a big kid at heart, living in London. I trace my love of books back to the second grade when I was introduced to my first paperback (Sweet Valley Kids #4, Lila’s Birthday Party) and haven’t looked back since! My favourite genres have always been fantasy, mythology, and books that take me to part of our world that I wouldn’t otherwise have known.

I enjoy books and my reviews are always my honest thoughts and impressions. My favourite things to discuss are the plot, the main characters and any relationships in the book. I blog because it lets me get excited about new books or talk about the cover.

My co-bloggers at Winged Reviews are Vicky, Diane, Sophie and Mara! Click that link if you’re interested in connecting with them directly for reviews.

If you’re interested in sending me a copy of your book for review, you can find details on the Review Policy page.

The blog features reviews and posts from Alison, who is the co-founder of Winged Reviews and was my co-blogger until January 2013. Sadly, Alison has decided to step down due to her busy life, but do check out her Youtube channel for her video reviews and other book-related memes!

The blog also features reviews and posts from Sara, Sarah and Mary, who have been bloggers at Winged Reviews for part of the time. Thank you so much girls for your lovely contributions!