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Book Tag, Miscellaneous / July 25, 2016


The Pokemon Go book tag was created by readatmidnight. Following the extremely popular release and play of Pokemon Go, I thought I’d participate as I LOOOOOVE Pokemon Go!


I’ve always loved reading, and my parents used to read to me when I was younger, but my favourite books when I was small were the Rainbow Magic books which is a series all about fairies and two human girls. I started reading them when the first series was out, but the series is now MASSIVE. read more

By: Vicky
Miscellaneous / June 8, 2016

I’m so pleased to announce a whole host of new co-bloggers here at Winged Reviews! Thank you to everyone that applied. It took so long because it was extremely hard to choose, but I’m so happy with my new co-bloggers so please give them all a warm welcome!


Hiya, I’m Vicky! I’m almost 21, from England and about to go into my third year at uni in September studying History! Aside from reading, I love cherry bakewells, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, photography and the beach! read more

By: Daphne
Miscellaneous / January 9, 2016


Happy new year all! I want to make a fresh start for 2016 on Winged Reviews. It’s my fifth year of blogging and I want to start producing more interested and varied content for you lovely readers. I’ve also got a new layout in the works, so it’s a new look for a new year!

As part of this, I’m searching for one or two new full-time bloggers/co-conspirators/right-hand people! read more

By: Daphne
Miscellaneous, Young Adult / September 17, 2015

In case you missed it on social media yesterday, I am happy to announce the launch of ILLUMICRATE, the subscription box for book lovers!


When you subscribe to Illumicrate, you will receive a carefully curated quarterly box with a newly released book and a supply of fun, bookish goodies, like bookmarks, jewellery, stationery, and more! read more

By: Daphne
Miscellaneous / February 10, 2015

No, you’re not seeing double. I’m here to introduce another new blogger for Winged Reviews, Sarah (with an h)!

I became friends with Sarah on Twitter, which is really the best place to meet people. I thought her blog was lovely and I really enjoyed reading her reviews and memes. She’s got a great writing style so I asked if she wanted to blog at Winged Reviews. She said yes, so here she is in her own words:
  read more

By: Daphne