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Review, Young Adult / January 1, 2012
Starcrossed Perigee by Tracey Lee CampbellStarcrossed Perigee
Author: Tracey Lee Campbell
Publisher: CreateSpace
Date: May 2011
408 pages
Source: Review copy from author
Genres: Science Fiction

Aric Brennan is a whisperer - a perfectly engineered human/alien hybrid designed specifically to charm and seduce. When Lucy is stalked by his unearthly creators, she has no choice but to trust him to help her navigate a way through a horrifying reality - a reality filled with creatures which should really only exist in nightmares.

I had to wait a while before I wrote this review becuase although I truly enjoyed reading this book, I did have several issues with it that has taken me a while to put into words.

The story is about a girl called Lucy who lives with her Uncle on his farm. Her Uncle hires a new “farmhand” (I think that’s what its called) called Aric who seems to be able to read Lucy’s thoughts and is able to do other things humans shouldn’t be able to do. Needless to say he’s far from human. Before we know it, Lucy and Aric are on the run from aliens and other supernatural beings which shouldn’t exist and Lucy has to flee her old life with Aric to avoid being abducted. read more

By: Alison